Standing Order No. 222. (1) The proceedings of the County Assembly may be broadcast.

(2) The broadcasting of the proceedings of the Assembly shall comply with the Rules set out in the Third Schedule of these Standing Orders.

3) There shall be a select committee to be known as the Broadcasting and Library Committee whose mandate is to—

(a) consider and report on all matters relating to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings;

(b) advise the Assembly on matters related to public participation in the Assembly;

(c) make reports and recommendations to the Assembly, including proposed legislation on matters relating to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings and related matters;

(d) recommend to and advise the Assembly on matters related to the provision of library, publications, and research services in the Assembly;

(e) assist members of the County Assembly in utilizing the facilities provided by the library and research services including the use of information and communication technology.



     Hon. Florence Mwangangi  Hon. Cosmas Kieti
      1. Hon. Florence Mwangangi    –           Chairperson
      2. Hon. Cosmas Kieti               –           Vice Chairperson
      3. Hon. Eric Musembi
      4. Hon. Jacinta Luka
      5. Hon. Patrick Kituku

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