[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Background”]Our democracy thrives on the participation of those it acts for and one way of enhancing public participation in the matters of the County is by allowing greater community access to the workings of the County Assembly. After all, Parliament is also known as the People’s House.

It is envisaged that opening the County Assembly further by broadcasting the proceedings of the Assembly to the public will recast the manner in which the Assembly does its work. The public will be participants in debate by accessing the deliberations of Parliament and its committees on important county issues, and the Members of the County Assembly will enhance their discourse since they will be made more aware of their duty to put the County Government in check since the public will be sensitized.

This will also enhance the Assembly’s interaction with its stakeholders as well as build on the institutional memory of the Assembly.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”County Assembly Broadcasting and Library Committee:- As provided for under the County Assembly Standing Orders 215(3)”]There shall be a select committee to be known as the Broadcasting and Library Committee whose mandate is to:-

  • Consider and report on all matters relating to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings;
  • Advise the Assembly on matters related to public participation in the Assembly;
  • Make reports and recommendations to the Assembly, including proposed legislation on matters relating to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings and related matters;
  • Recommend to and advise the Assembly on matters related to the provision of library, publications, and research services in the Assembly;
  • Assist members of the Assembly in utilizing the facilities provided by the library and research services including the use of information and communication technology.

[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Some Achieved short and long term objectives of the Broadcasting and Library Committee”]

  1. Live-Streaming of proceedings via cable network to various monitors within the precincts of the Assembly.
  2. Engaging a broadcast engineer and experts from the National Assembly to assist in drawing Bill of Quantities for broadcast equipment.
  3. Drafting a broadcasting policy to guide the Broadcasting Unit and the Assembly at large in broadcasting matters and access to Assembly proceedings.
  4. Build awareness and train Members of the County Assembly on the availability of and access to library, research and information technology services.
  5. Installation of proceedings public viewing centers at the Machakos bus park and in shopping centres around Machakos County – (Long Term)
  6. Liaison with local radio, TV stations and third party service providers to air Assembly proceedings – (Short term)
  7. Take Assembly proceedings to the people through the Bunge Mashinani initiative – (Short Term)

Develop a model that will expose future Members of the County Assembly to the library, research and information technology services in the early stages of their legislative work. (Long term)[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]