County Assembly Broadcasting Unit:- As provided for under the County Assembly Standing Orders 3rd Schedule


There is established the Assembly Broadcasting Unit, which shall oversee the broadcasting of Assembly proceedings.

Unless the Assembly otherwise directs, the Assembly Broadcasting Unit may broadcast the proceedings of Assembly and provide access to Assembly information.

“Broadcast” includes the live transmission of the proceedings of the House by radio, television or webcast’

Duties and Responsibilities of the Assembly Broadcasting Unit (ABU) as Drawn from Standing Order 215 and the Third Schedule

  1. Video coverage of County Assembly proceedings in the Assembly, committees and Assembly events.
  1. Video documentation of Assembly leadership, MCAs profiles and projects undertaken in the County to enhance the Assembly institutional memory.
  1. Offering documentary support (video footage) to committees as necessary, on site visits and other events that may require documentary evidence.
  1. Live streaming/broadcasting of County Assembly proceedings, committees meetings and other events as necessary, through channels such as monitors, radio, TV & the Internet.
  1. Liaising with external stakeholders including media services on matters related to the provision of Assembly information including both TV and radio broadcasts of proceedings at the Assembly and in Committees.
  1. Offering technical advice to the Broadcasting & Library committee on matters related to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings, public access to Assembly information, and the drafting/review of rules, policies and procedures on matters relating to broadcasting in plenary, committee meetings and events.
  1. Storage/digital archiving of video productions and other footage as part of the Assembly documentary repository.