Liaison Committee is mandated to

  1. Guide and co-ordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all Committees;
  2. Deliberate on and apportion the annual operating budget among the Committees
  • Consider the programmes of all Committees , including their need to travel and sit away from the precincts of Assembly;
  1. Ensure that Committees submit reports as required by these Standing Orders;
  2. Determine, whenever necessary, the Committee or Committees to deliberate on any matter and
  3. Give such advice relating to the work and mandate of select Committees as it may consider necessary


  1. Nathaniel Nganga – Chairperson
  2. Sammy Nduva – Member
  3. Joseph Muli “
  4. Joseph Itumo “
  5. Winston Kanui “
  6. Leonard Katela                                                 “
  7. Cecilia Sereka “
  8. Joshua Mwonga “
  9. Jacqueline Nziva “
  10. Michael Mutuku “
  11. Oliver Nzeki “
  12. Edrick Ngunzi “
  13. Magdalene Ndawa “
  14. Philip Ndolo “
  15. Wilson Kasimu “

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