Standing Order No.

187. (1) There shall be a select committee to be known as the Assembly Procedure and Rules Committee.

(2) The committee shall comprise the Speaker as chairperson, the Chairperson of Committees and not more than three other Members.

(3) The Procedure and Rules Committee shall consider and report on all matters relating to these Standing Orders.

(4) The Procedure and Rules Committee may propose amendments to these Standing Orders and any such amendments shall upon approval by the Assembly, take effect at the time appointed by the Assembly.

(5) The Assembly Procedure and Rules Committee may propose rules for the orderly and effective conduct of committee business and any such rules, shall upon approval by the Assembly, continue in force until amended or repealed by the Assembly.

(6) Any rules approved under paragraph (5) shall be annexed to the Standing Orders and shall be binding upon Committees to the same extent as these Standing Orders.


 Hon Florence Mwangangi  Hon Paul Museku
  1. Hon. Florence M. Mwangangi      –    Chairperson
  2. Hon. Paul Museku                     –     Vice Chairperson
  3. Hon. Constance Nzioki
  4. Hon. Jane Nyawira
  5. Hon. Paul Nyanzi

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