All matters related to county transport, including county roads, street lighting, traffic and parking, public road transport and ferries and harbours, excluding the regulation of international and national shipping and matters related thereto; county public works and services including storm water management systems in built-up areas and water and sanitation services.


     Hon. Daniel Mbevi  Hon. Justus Kiteng’u
      1. Hon. Daniel Mbevi         –           Chairperson
      2. Hon. Justus Kiteng’u      –           Vice Chairperson
      3. Hon. Caleb Mule
      4. Hon. Cosmas Masesi
      5. Hon. Francis Ngunga
      6. Hon. Grace Mutwiwa
      7. Hon. Irene Mbivya
      8. Hon. John Musyimi
      9. Hon. Margaret Mbithi
      10. Hon. Margaret Ndalana
      11. Hon. Patrick Kituku
      12. Hon. Pauline Munguti
      13. Hon. Thomas Mutinda

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