Second Schedule of Standing Orders N. 190:  All matters related to agriculture, including crop and animal husbandry, livestock sale yards, county abattoirs, plant and animal disease control, irrigation, fisheries, cooperative societies  and veterinary services (excluding regulation of  the profession).


  1. Joseph Muli Musyoka –           Chairman
  2. Phillip Ndolo –           Vice Chairperson
  3. Isaac Muinde
  4. Gideon Kavuu
  5. Kyalo Kyuli
  6. Charles N. Mutisya
  7. Wilson Mutiso Kasimu
  8. Geoffrey Munyao
  9. Joshua Mwonga
  10. Ruth Ndumi
  11. Festus Ndeto
  12. Benedette Mueni
  13. John Sila



  • The Committee discussed a petition by poultry farmers and a report was tabled and adopted by the house.
  • A report on establishment of pasteurizer machine and milk chillers in FY 2017/2018 to benefit the dairy farmers in the County.
  • The Committee also discussed and presented the Machakos County Cooperative Societies bill, 2015 which was enacted by the Assembly.

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